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The term Hindustani refers to the people who inhabit Hindustan.

Hindustan is the ancient name that the Persians gave to Old India long before the British invasion and also before the division of India with Pakistan.

As far as our field is concerned, the food was very similar throughout the Indian subcontinent.
From our side, we try to offer our diner the authentic dishes prepared with the typical recipes that have come to us after many generations.


Our Story & Beginning

We have started this culinary adventure through which we offer our guests the best dishes full of fresh and exotic flavors from our country, India.

Our executive chef Mohinder Pal has worked as a chef for many prestigious restaurants, same like his partner Gurjant Singh. Now with experience from many years working in this field they decided to run their own restaurant.

Our team

Great team leaded by Chef Mohinder Pal.
Experienced and helpful staff that will serve you your meal and advise you about any question that you may have.

Mohinder Pal

Rubal Kumar